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                                                           § Welcome to Sploder 2,

Sploder 2 is a website were you can create your games (like Sploder) but better. This site allows your personality's to come to its match. This site was made for you guys to become a leader and work with the creaters of Sploder 2. There is new things that you can become but still regular things that you can become such as: (R)eviewer, (E)ditor, (M)oderator,  and the new one (R)eporter. A reporter is the one who reports to moderators and the creater that someone is doing bad things or breaking the rules.

                                                           The rules of sploder

Rule one:= This site is not for copyrighting or stealing others ideas on sploder, because they work hard for that game and your getting more views for they're ideas

Rule two:= You may ask us to be a moderator but we will have to see your reactions in sploder 2

Last rule:= You may ask to copy but with only permission




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