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Business owners of the website

Creater and Maker: gamemaster2121(from sploder.com)

Moderator: Nightress (from sploder.com) known as Moderator Nightress now

Reviewer: N/A

Reporter: N/A

Editor: N/A

Designers: Moderator Nightress, gamemaster2121

Pages by: gamemaster2121 and Moderator Nightress

Photo's by: gamemaster2121

Store items by: other sites sponsoring me

Creater of www.Sploder.com: Sploder (himself), geoff, and sceptile

Everyones favorite game creater on www.sploder.com: Jaden964, sceptile, geoff, pandak, and chowder

Everyone favorite games on this website: Halo, Street fighter 1 and 2, and Skullkid





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(max, 2015-12-16 15:54)

eai porque nao acho nenhum game para crioar sploder2

thx nightress

(gamemaster2121, 2012-02-05 23:00)

thx im about to make this new halo game in a minute check it out!

Good job creator gamemaster2121

(Moderator Nightress, 2012-02-05 02:14)

Your making pages that are useful and needed good job




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